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About Applying to Synergy

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." -- Henry Ford

Before you decide to apply, consider the following things about our guild:

What makes Synergy

These reflect the expectations we have for each other in our raids.

  • Our Family Atmosphere is to be Honored - We are a raiding guild that believes in positive reinforcement, investing in our members and using discretion in our raids to help those that may need some guidance. We are wholeheartedly interested in using our raid time as a time that allows each member to learn their role, the encounter and to create an atmosphere of teamwork for progress. No one is here to yell at anyone, call anyone out, denigrate or embarrass anyone. We put our best effort into assuring that raids are fun, fast and efficient. We are firm believers that you can have fun while raiding when everyone does their best to excel in their given role WITHOUT all the yelling.

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  • Cherish your raid spot - We are a raiding guild first and foremost which leads us to certain expectations of those we raid with. It is important to understand how much emphasis is placed on loyalty, commitment and dedication to your class when thinking about joining Synergy. We do not recruit often since the guild is built around the idea of long term investment in each raider, but should attendance, performance or character upkeep becomes an issue we address it quickly. For instance, the majority of the time we will only have a couple of Raiders of each spec on the roster. Therefore each Raider must perform very well or be willing to learn and apply what they've learned quickly, be very consistent and understand the role we have for them.

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  • Preparedness - The guild expectation is that each member is responsible for research on changes, optimization or improvement of their character's role in our Raid group. If we have to tell you that you are doing it wrong, you're doing it wrong and we will need to find someone that is doing it right. We are here to help, but not here to micro-manage your character for you and we wouldn't want to put anyone through that as well. This is really not that much to ask of someone that intends on killing the upper end of content in this game. We hope that you agree that we can all improve our ability especially in this ever changing game, and in researching how to better themselves in Raiding all of our members can be great Raiders. You will be expected to research the provided Raid strategies and do any follow up research you may need before each raid. Gone are the days where a Raid Leader can spend 5 minutes explaining the intricacies of Raid Bosses and expect to succeed. Everyone needs to do the research.

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  • Personal Responsibility for Gear Optimization - We provide all the essentials you will need for raiding whether it be food, potions, flasks or guild repairs for our progression. Each progression attempt we make on a boss we will provide food, potions, flasks and if repairs are needed that as well so we expect these buffs on each pull. We also provide materials needed to upgrade your gear to the best gems, enchantments and enhancements available. Most of this is at no cost, but very expensive materials we will sell at a very discounted price (a fraction of the cost of the Auction House) and those funds go back in the guild bank to pay for repairs.

    This is with the expectation that every Raider is optimally reforged, gemmed and enchanted for their role in the raid group each night we raid. Every member is held to this standard and it is with the Raid Group's success in mind. Those not properly gemmed, reforged and enchanted we unfortunately can not bring to raids because it puts undue burden on the rest of the raid group. So please be sure to do this so we can take you to the raids, it is something we look at heavily in our application process as well.

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  • Attendance will keep you in the Guild - We expect you to be at raids and understand the importance of your role being in the raid. Since we are a guild that limits our Raider numbers by design, we are very selective on who we accept in the guild's Raid group and those that remain part of the Raid Group. Attendance, performance and attitude are the major factors involved in our decision processes. Attendance is vital and we do track it. We don't care if you're the biggest baddest DPS'er, our best Healer or the supreme Tankifier! If you aren't here to do it, it don't mean a thing. Please be aware of the other guild mates you will be letting down by not doing your part, that includes being there to do it.

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  • Fast Wipe Recovery - When a wipe is called it is your job to die as fast as you possibly can, get back to the boss and be ready to pull as quickly as possible. We pay for repairs as well as provide flasks and food so you don't save anything by running around trying to stay alive when we are trying to wipe. There is no bonus round or 1-UP extra lives in World of Warcraft raids. Just die, please.

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  • Production - There is more to a guild than Raid Times. If you plan on ONLY being here at raid times and not contributing toward anything else, this may not be the guild for you. This guild is about the progress that its members build together. Many times certain goals for the week will be established and the whole guild will be responsible for helping to achieve these goals. We are not looking to carry anyone and we actually view this as a slight against the guild if it feels like we are. We don't ask for much from everyone, but the success of the guild is dependent on everyone doing what they need to.

  • These are the guidelines that we use for expectations of all of our Raiders. If this sounds like what you are looking for in a guild, then you're already one step closer to joining our guild. The next step is to Apply:

    After submitting your application to the guild, the Leadership of the guild will then go through the process of figuring out if you'd be a great fit for the Raid Group as well as whether we'd be a great fit for you. In either case, you will receive a decision sent to the email you provided on the application or via in-game mail normally within 72 hours of its receipt (barring holidays and weekends). We may request to speak with you on Ventrilo for any questions that might need to be addressed about the application and to answer any questions you may have about the guild.

    Once invited into the guild, an applicant has a trial period of 6 full raids. This period of evaluation allows us to determine how well you fit in our Guild, and in turn allows you to judge how well the Guild fits with your playing style. A large part of this evaluation period is monitoring attendence and performance.

    • The Guild pays for gear repairs, even in non-raid times.
    • Access to Guild Bank for gear enchantments and gems needed for new items earned in raids.
    • The Guild will provide flasks, food and repairs for all activities during normal raid hours.
    • Participation in off night activities and guild sponsored contests.

    After the Applicant period is up, the Leads will determine if we accept the Applicant as a Raider, decide to lengthen the Applicant status for 1 more week to see improvements we may be concerned with, or bid the applicant a fond farewell in which we always hope they find the type of guild they are looking for. This is also your opportunity to express any concerns or questions you may have about the guild, or to part ways with the guild if you feel it is not a good fit without any hard feelings.

    As explained in the EPGP section, during the Applicant period you WILL be eligible for loot and should definitely "bid" on it. With the system we use there is no "rolling" or "bidding" per se, instead it is based on where you sit in priority (more details on priority can be found HERE).

    Though Applicants have lower priority to those that have reached Raider status, Main specs always has priority over Off specs and any loot that is not bid on by Raiders are most certainly available to Applicants.
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