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Guild Policies

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." -- Henry Ford

Synergy is a guild focused on 10 and 25 man progression raiding and having fun doing so. We plan to be an active participant in the Horde's progression and to have a positive impact on the community of Area 52. It is a guild founded on the intentions of every member helping to further the guild as a whole. We look to invest in each and every member to the betterment of the family, our guild.

Loot distribution is done in a fair and equitable manner with the goal of increasing our PVE success through the EPGP system. Talent specializations and gear choice should reflect a commitment to maximizing PVE raiding efficiency. Guild leaders have initial say as to what spec will be appropriate for raiding. Generally speaking we will not dictate your spec, but if performance can be bettered we will do whatever we can to help do so.

When it is all said and done, every member is here to spend their time having fun. It supercedes all other written guidelines. If a member is impeding on or causing others to not have fun, they will be asked to leave without discretion. Namely anyone that is found to be degrading or disrupting a family like guild atmosphere or discrediting publicly the guild... you will be made an example of. This guild is a place for like-minded, mature, fun loving members to get together to accomplish common goals and when the day is done have a family and guild to call home.

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Communications and Operations

All members are expected to monitor and to participate on the guild forums as frequently as possible. This is our main avenue of communication and you will miss out on opportunities by not checking them often. If you are the type of player who is going to join the guild and never once read the forums, involve yourself in discussion or check out optimal gear/talent specs to better yourself, we don't need you.

Be sure to read these very important policies

Raiding outside the Guild
First and Foremost, Raiders (those that have applied and been accepted to the guild for Raiding or Casuals that have reached the ability to Raid) who raid our focus content with another guild, non-members or just a Pick Up Group can (and likely will) be removed from the guild.

Note: Due to the changes to Raid ID's, the lock out portion really only relates to Mythic content since you can still raid Normal and Heroic content with more than one group. The difference being that now you just will not be eligible for loot on any boss you've already killed for the week in said difficulty, but this is still not something we condone. It impacts our Loot System, generally leads to absences, and doesn't promote what our guild is focused on.

You may still be asking why this is a problem, let me explain:

  • Guild Focus: Essentially, if you lock yourself into a raid with another group, you have then locked yourself OUT of raiding with the guild. Synergy is working off the principle that each member has a distinct role and the availability of slots in the raid for that role is limited by design. This is done to ensure that every member is being given a chance to maximize their potential and reduce competition for loot. History shows that people that are not eligible for loot for a boss are not very interested in helping kill said boss, so they don't. Therefore, if you remove yourself from our raids by locking into another raid, you may as well remove yourself from that role we're expecting you to fulfill. We need Raiders that are focused on progressing the guild, not just themselves.
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  • Raid Focus: A guild that raids together, grows together. We are learning the strategies that work best for our Raid Group and it's members. It is also a bit of a blemish on the reputation of the guild to have a member needing to look elsewhere for their raiding needs. Synergy is ever striving to provide to the raiding needs of its members and sees raiding outside of the guild as a direct act of disloyalty. We are not here to harbor members that are looking to milk guild perks or ones that can not help the guild when it is needed. Casuals are expected to be viewed as potential Raiders (that perhaps can't commit to the schedule) and the guild will do its best to accommodate them as such.

  • The blunt point of this rule is to make sure that the guild's raiding needs are met in order to progress through its goals.

    Alternate Characters (Alts) in the Guild
    Simply put, you can have as many Alts in the guild as you'd like and we very much welcome them. The new perks of Guilds make it very helpful to level Alts, their professions and reputations. Also with that in mind, we welcome friends and family that want to make use of the perks as well, provided that they understand our Guild Policies.

    Tarnishing the Guild Name
    All guild members are expected to follow the WoW CoC and ToS. Synergy does not tolerate hacking or anything of the sort in any way. If your account gets banned for hacking and you disappear, chances are you will be removed from the guild.

    Also, be aware that things you do reflect on the guild as a whole. Try to show good manners when interacting with non-guild members around... even if you have to fake it. Ninja looting, lying, or just down right being untrustworthy and shady even if we don't catch you in it will very easily put your membership at risk. We expect those who wear the tabard to know they represent the guild in their actions and reflect the ethics of the guild at all times. Keeping the guild name untarnished will supersede tenure in public issues so be aware and avoid anything that you may feel will jeopardize your membership.

    Extreme Vulgarity
    As we are an adult guild, vulgarity is allowed in both guild and raid chat, but please stay away from topics such as pedophilia, rape, politics, and racism/sexism. Basically, just use your head. If you think it might offend someone... it probably will. If you're asked to stop, don't ask why, instead apologize and take it that whatever you're talking about may have crossed the line for someone enough that we felt the need to ask you to stop. No one here wants to moderate or censor anyone, but we feel it is best to address these things quickly and stop any further damage. We respect all viewpoints that are displayed respectfully. That said, if you can't handle adult topics being discussed as adults then there may be times that we don't agree that something was offensive.

    Harassment and Drama
    Guild members are expected to not harass fellow WoW players in any way. Competitive contesting of spawns is not harassment and is fully endorsed. If you have a flare for the dramatic or defying the "establishment" though this is not a welcome environment for you. We are looking for members that go out of their way to help further each other and the guild as a whole through an atmosphere of cooperation.

    Leaving the guild
    If there comes a time in our time together that we do not see eye to eye on certain things, know that we have Leads in place to help with any issue that may arise. There is no way for us to fix an issue if we are not aware of the problem. That said, issues will arise and that may lead some to consider leaving the guild to go elsewhere. You certainly have the right to leave, but please think twice before you do so because once you've left the guild... you've left the guild. The End.

    The idea is that we are here to build friendships as well as build a team minded atmosphere and put effort into each other. When a Raider leaves, we (the guild) lose the time, effort, and the sense of family we put into that Raider. We invested in helping to gear, providing experience, and giving opportunities to them in an effort to further the guild and our Raid Group. It is disruptive to the core ideal of the guild and will be seen as just that.

    In a sense, each individual that wears the Synergy tabard is an investment toward the future of our family, our guild, and our goals. While you have every right to take that investment and place it elsewhere, we also have every right to never again invest in someone that squanders the opportunities we afford them and advise others of your ethics in leaving. No one in their right mind would make a bad investment twice.
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