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The (Raiding) 10 Commandments

1.) "Thou shalt not bail" - We are a Raiding Guild which means if its a Raid night, our Raiders need to show up for a Raid. Not doing so is extremely rude to their fellow Raiders who may have had better things to do than wait on other people. If someone is going to be late or unavailable for a raid, we have all Raiders post it in our Leave of Absence thread on the guild forums. Otherwise, it is considered a "no show" by the Leads and starts a process where we have to start looking for a replacement. This really does come down to everyone doing their part to help each other succeed and being able to schedule in 9 hours a week of their time is the first step in making that happen.

2.) "Thou shalt not sucketh" - We bring Raiders to the Raids because we expect them to know their class. Please do your part in this by keeping informed on the changes to your class/role and ever striving to maximize your playing ability. In this ever changing game every player can improve and the best players realize that. Feel free to open discussion about raiding on the guild forums since there are many of us here that enjoy talking about it. If you know of a good place to get info or tips, please share!

3.) "Thou shalt not "Raid Hawk" from thy guild" - Raid Hawking is when a member of the Raid group does not do anything outside of raiding to progress their character. This leads to other members of the raid group having to carry them through raids and honestly is one of the fastest ways to be removed from the raid group. Keeping your gear enchanted, reforged and completely outfitted in the correct gems is something that we require of every Raider, but equally as important is seeing our Raiders upgrade their gear outside of raid time as well. Eventually every tier members will reach a point when they no longer can upgrade outside of raids. This is something that we recognize, but until that point each of us needs to do all we can to optimize our gear outside of raids.

4.) "Thou shalt not covet another's raid spot" - Raid invites go out 15 minutes prior to raid start so that we can make our first pull on time with everyone ready. Please be early to make sure your spot is secure. Raids need to start on time to maximize the amount we can get done in our 3 hour Raid period. Therefore, if someone isn't ready at first pull we may have already replaced them with someone who was.

5.) "Thou shalt not stall thy raid" - There is a lot riding on how quickly and efficiently we handle our raids. First pull starts exactly on the designated raid start time as we've already discussed and its important to be prepared for that. If you are in the raid group but not at the zone, not buffed, not fed or have drank a flask we may replace you as this is stalling the raid. Also, if you repeatedly take too long to die should a wipe be called or to get back and be ready to perform again quickly it slows down our progress. We don't like doing things like replacing people for excessive AFK's or taking too long to get back from a wipe, but in a progression raid group this falls completely on the Raider's shoulders and this is something so easily manageable. We take scheduled breaks every raid so please try to hold out for those if you need to AFK, otherwise let a Lead know and we'll have someone else come in instead.

6.) "Thou shalt not forget the real life" - Bring your supplies, both in game and outside of it. Take care of your bio's, snacks and drinks outside of the game before first pull. As important as it is to be ready in game with potions, being repaired, and the like, it is equally important to be ready to raid outside of the game. We don't want anyone raiding while starving, dying of thirst or having to hold it so long their teeth start floating so please think ahead and handle those things before we do raid invites.

7.) "Thou shalt not slack" - Be sure to know the content before the raid starts or be ready to listen to instructions if not. If strategies are posted for the Raid group to research before the encounter then the reasons not to know the encounter are called excuses. Many times we will be fighting content that we have already beaten, but when we aren't please do enough research to know how to keep yourself alive. We welcome questions about how and why we are doing certain things in encounters, but please do your fair share of research when you can.

8.) "Thou shalt not babble over thy Leads" - Clear Ventrilo during Boss encounters or when the Raid Leaders requests it. We definitely are not a militant group and do not want to squelch Ventrilo for all but the Leads because we feel that's a lot of the fun in raiding. With this in mind, when we are not killing bosses is the time to chatter and joke in Ventrilo which we would love to have everyone do! During progression bosses there are normally things that need to be accounted for in the raid over Ventrilo, so we just ask to keep the channels open for those that need to call things out so we can succeed.

9.) "Thou shalt not besmirch thy guild" - No Trade Trolling or attempts to get in a poo flinging contest with other trolls in forums, general chat, or anywhere else public will be tolerated. The guild's members are all represented by the actions of each other so please leave these kind of interactions to the Leadership, unless asked to. Also, let it be known now that regardless of any medical conditions, it does NOT fall upon the guild to manage any alleged disability or other lack of civility, nor does it fall upon the guild to tolerate you if you refuse to manage it yourself. Your behavior is a reflection on everyone with our guild tag.

Quite frankly, the guild has little use or tolerance for trade trolling or blow hards trying to inflate their ego publicly. Integrity is an important and founding principle for the guild and every guild member should be proud to wear the tabard knowing this. Our accomplishments will speak for themselves and there will be times when things may be said that need to be addressed, but let the Leadership handle these battles. "Mud-flinging just makes everyone involved eventually look like shit" as my Pa always said.

10.) "Thou shalt not dramatize" - Be civil in Ventrilo and guild chat by leaving your issues that don't concern the Guild or Raid outside of the Guild or Raid. If there is a concern about the Guild or Raid, bring it to the Leads while practicing civility. We are not here to screw anyone so lets keep the drama to the actors. This is rarely an issue and we'd really like to keep it that way. As the charter states, the entire goal of this guild is to be a place that people can be comfortable in and call home. Respect will be earned and reciprocated by those that show it.

It does beg to be repeated that regardless of any medical conditions or lack of people skills, it does NOT fall upon the guild to manage this alleged disability, nor does it fall upon the guild to tolerate you if you refuse to manage it yourself. In other words, don't be an ass especially to other members. As we've repeatedly stated, this guild prides itself on recognition of each other's achievements and integrity in all facets of interactivity.

IMPORTANT: Bring us your concerns

If you have a concern, definitely let a Lead know privately so we can address it. Before you get completely irate, think for a moment if there might be a good reason something was done. If you can't think of one, then definitely ask. We're very open to explaining our reasoning and know that not everyone will agree with it, but at least knowing why tends to help. Ultimately, we're all here to have fun, so lets keep that as our primary focus.

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