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Guild Ranks and Attendance

Raids that affect your attendance with the guild are listed above. "Offnights" are not taken into attendance consideration at all and are yours to do with as you please. Raid team members expect that each other member of the raid team is committed to our Raid Schedule and are held accountable equally for meeting that commitment because everyone's time is valuable. Please be sure to schedule things around it as much as possible, because honestly, if you can't schedule around 6 hours a week perhaps you aren't ready for progression Raiding. We raid on a 2 day schedule in order to leave lots of free time to get other things done, but maximize our time during those 2 days.

We implore you to do as much as you can in NON-Raid time to maximize your character, but it is also advised to use Offnights as a sanity break. The rigors of raiding can be taxing and overall our emphasis is on the happiness of our members. Content for Offnights generally depend on the sign ups and raid make up for the night.

We are a Raid Focused guild...
Be Mindful That The Decisions You Make May or May Not Help Us Progress

Important: Each Rank listed in the chart has loot priority over the Rank(s) below it for "Main Spec" items.

Guild Rank
Total Number of Raids
to be Promoted

We understand that things happen and definitely support having a healthy life outside of the game because it makes for happy raiding. At the same time, the fact still stands that if we don't have enough people to raid we can't raid and that is really what this is all about. This is why we allow for the 80% rule, this lets us know if something has become too frequent and needs to be addressed.

How It All Works

Once a member is brought into the guild, they are done so at the Applicant Rank. While at this rank they are expected to have 100% attendance for 2 full raid weeks (4 consecutive raids) in order to be eligible to be promoted to Raider rank. Should an applicant break their consecutive attendance by missing a raid (some concessions are made, but this is a rarity) then they must restart the process for promotion anew. Applicants are given one chance to re-establish their opportunity to show their commitment before we simply can't continue relying on that member.

After a member is promoted to Raider they are expected to remain at or above 80% attendance. Should a Raider fall below 80% attendance they are demoted to Applicant status with a caveat that they are eligible for promotion back to Raider status immediately upon reaching 80% or above attendance. A Raider that is demoted to Applicant that does not meet attendance of 80% or better after a 2nd attendance period (2 weeks) can and normally will be removed from the raid group. Likewise, any new Applicant that does not meet their attendance for promotion after 2 attendance periods (4 weeks total) can and likely will be removed from the guild since the opportunity was not fully realized. After all, our ultimate goal is to field a roster of members that are consistently at raids and consistently able to raid at the level needed.

A raider that reaches 20 total raids of 90% or better attendance will be considered for the promotion to Veteran. Our Veteran rank has the highest priority in the raid for progression raiding and are Raiders that have shown a level of commitment and performance that warrants the rewards that come with the rank. Notice that this promotion is not merited on attendance alone with their overall contribution to the Raid Group having heavy influence. That said, Veterans will retain their rank only if they maintain the 90% attendance level. We view Veterans as our staple and core raid members, so this rank is something that all members of the raid should recognize as the goal for all members to reach.

These ranks and attendance standards are to emphasize how important attendance is to maintaining progress on our guild goals. Certainly under extenuating circumstances exceptions will be made and that is under the discretion of the Guild Leadership.

The Truth of It

The fact of the matter is people need nights off, we understand and welcome this with the 80% rule for Raiders. The other fact of the matter is we're a progression Raiding guild, if people miss nights frequently... we don't progress and have to replace them.

This type of guild requires consistency and the ability to plan ahead should absences be needed. We take the primary nights for people to do things outside of the game off (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and hope that they are easy to plan around. Things come up, yes... but at least now you know what the expectations are and what you can expect to happen in circumstances.
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